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About Us

Legacy Maxx was developed with the concept to provide people the ability to share their stories, during the living years. Too often, we spend little time with loved ones and we never touch on certain stories or lessons in our lives, some which have even been passed down from previous generations. Many of us have pictures from generations past, or during our younger years, to show how we arrived to this point in our lives. It is important to share these stories, if we don’t this history is essentially lost.

At Legacy Maxx we believe that telling story about life and it’s meaning, including the trials and tribulations can be easy for some and be a total struggle for others. We make telling your story easy. If you have a message about life that you want the next generation to understand and appreciate, we can help bring your story to life. The experts at Legacy Maxx have years of experience capturing video. Make sure your future generation has the guidance and lessons you feel are and information in your life you are proud of and want to share. It is up to you to send your message. The professionals at Legacy Maxx can help show you how easy it is to do!

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