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For many individuals, one of the biggest regrets that they have as they grow older is not knowing where they came from. Perhaps they wish that they had gotten to know their grandparents better, that they had tried harder to hold onto family traditions, or that they had learned more about their family heritage before the older generations passed on. This leaves many individuals seeking answers from heritage sites, or spending years trying to compile their family trees only to find several leaves still missing.  The biggest problem for many families is simply lack of information. With sparse family documents and records, it is almost simply impossible to compile the memories and experiences of lost loved ones.

The advantage of our digital age is that you can make sure your descendants aren’t left searching aimlessly for your story. In fact, with Legacy Maxx, not only can you make it easy for generations to come to discover your tale, but you can customize the story you want told. Legacy Maxx’s mission is to help individuals record their history during the living years, and to document the story of their life while they are creating it. Participants in this program can easily compile a customized biography, record their experiences, share their wisdom, and offer a clear message of what they stand for. Plug in your information, add your stories, and upload family pictures and personal videos, and Legacy Maxx will do the rest.

Legacy Maxx will protect the carefully crafted story of you, maintaining it during your lifetime, and ensuring that it remains intact even after you are gone. Through this program you are crafting a unique, digital heirloom, and a detailed documentary of your life that can be easily enjoyed by your descendants. When your grandchildren want to learn about your life, they won’t have to resort to old documents and incomplete tales. Instead, they will have a history of your life that you have lovingly made for them.

With Legacy Maxx, you can rest assured that your precious memories will live on, and will be treasured forever. Your Legacy Maxx profile will contain the stories you want to be told, and promote the way you want to be remembered. The profiles are uniquely customizable and you will be able to share them with your most intimate family, or with the public. You are in control of the way you want to be remembered, and now is the perfect time to start telling your story.