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For many of us, growing older comes with many questions. What will we leave behind for our loved ones?  How will we be remembered when we are gone?  What will happen when we are no longer around to pass on our wisdom or to teach them our life lessons? Leaving behind a legacy for our children and grandchildren is extremely important. As much as we want to make sure our children are taken care of financially when we are gone, we also want to make sure that they have learned from us, that they remember our lessons, and that they keep our family history, stories, and traditions close to their hearts and alive. Legacy Maxx knows how important it is to you that you ensure that these important parts of your life live on long after you, and that is why they have begun to offer an extraordinary new program.

With Legacy Maxx, you can now create a new kind of treasure to pass down. Through Legacy Maxx, you are able to create digital heirlooms, virtual legacy profiles that can be accessed by your friends and family members even after you are gone, and which can live one for years to come. These heirlooms will be hosted and protected by Legacy Maxx so that you can rest assured that your loved ones will always be able to discover your story and learn about your life and values.

Legacy Maxx has a number of tools available to you to help you create and manage your Legacy Maxx profile and create digital heirlooms, documentaries, and biographies of your life. You can include your stories, add your family photos, and record videos of you personally telling your stories. You are able to create the legacy of your unique life as you are living it, and craft a vibrant profile that can be shared with loved ones or made public so that your extraordinary story can be discovered by anyone.

At the same time, you are creating a personalized biography of your life for your descendants, allowing future family members, including those who aren’t yet born, to hear your stories told in your own voice, to learn life lessons directly from you, and to feel close to you with personal accounts that can capture your spirit, love, and energy. We can help you create this living legacy, share it with your closest loved ones, and ensure that it will be protected and treasured for generations. You cherish your memories, and with Legacy Maxx, you can be sure that they will too.